Friday, December 19, 2014

Sexy Selfies - Best Practices According to Barbie!

Who knew Barbie was the go-to-gal for taking good selfies??

Barbie offers her expert photo advice in just 7 easy-to-do, practical tips:

1. Assume someone might see it. Avoid recognizable tats, jewelry, moles, etc. One can never be sure where their nude selfie might end up in the Internet might find it on some blog, or Facebook (well maybe not there if it's nude), or heaven forbid, THE NEWS!! Here is my selfie.. yes it's me...I'm in the fog...can you see me?? 
In the mist.
2. Show select body parts, your face or your body, but not both.
Having morning coffee...
I think I got a little carried away with these selfies.
 I wonder if Barbie would approve?

This selfie of AlexCalifornia was taken with a phone camera with a timer.
And YES I got his permission to post his pic.
3. Barbie says, no crotch shots unless it was specifically requested. My opinion is just say no! Well...OK... Just one!

4. Background! Check your background for clutter, and other unsightly views.

...and more clutter...

5. Lighting...GOOD lighting is key!
Oooops!! Too much light!

6. Suck it in!
...well not THAT much!

7. NO pouty lips, or duck faces as Barbie calls it.  
Which is better?
 Or This?

There you have it, folks! Now go forth and make great selfies!

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