Naturism in Second Life

Grand Canyon Adult Naturist Park. This M rated area, with no sex poses, makes this a safe place to hang out and enjoy.  There is a small joining fee.

 This is a video of a sunset fly in The Eden Naturist Estate and Resort in Second Life.
Visit their website at

Biking at Lupes Magic Forest Mall. Photo by Stevie Superior.

 Visit Nude Haven - a nudist community - for naked living. It is quite new and it is worth a visit or you can even live there in an apartment in the high-rise building.

I stopped in the cute little chapel there to pray on Memorial Day. Sim owner Halo and his lovely lady Beth were there, also. Even Beth's little dog was there at the back of the chapel waiting for her. Look closely and you see the cute little pooch.

Then I got on the pulpit because I had a few words to say, but my audience had left by then. 

Halo and Beth under the waterfall at Nude Haven.
Halo and Beth at the bridge in Nude Haven.

A relaxing Balloon ride at Sunset Beach.
Muirhead Nude Beach
Muirhead Nude Beach..."A quaint, safe nude beach in the East River Community, Muirhead, next to the Free Town of Helvellyn. Swimming, spring board, sunbeds, sailing, free kayak, a charming area with a distinct Southern European flavor to walk around and explore."

I'm not even sure how I found this place initially. It can't be found using SL search. It's the kind of place that speaks to big crowds here. Just me, myself and I...And isn't that kitty floaty just the cutest??

Enjoy three scuba tours at Naked Dreams.

I need a bit of practice to right my capsized Leetle Cat II. Naked Dreams.

4. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Smooth sailing in Eden at daybreak.

3. Sitting on my BeachTri at Eden Dove.

2. Just about ready to raise the sails.

1. Standing next to the NO TEXTILES sign at Blue Lagoon Marina, Eden Dove.

Mango Island...such a beautiful, relaxing place established February 9, 2014.
 It's an Adult area with sexual content that is discreet and there is a joining fee. 

Relaxing at Buffy's Cove (which is CLOSED), listening to some reggae..."Every day da nu Sundeh": You can't rest every day,
sometimes you have to work.... but not today...

Tree sitting and tire swinging at Gemini Park.

This video is by my very good friend and SL neighbor, Lil Lowey. Found it while Youtube surfing [*cough cough*  pun intended]. Check out Lil's Flickr here.

Kissing the Frog Prince at Faerie Foraoise, an enchanted Irish Forest. Fae friendly, nudity encouraged. 
...and then I kissed the Frog Prince again and again....

Relaxing at Eve's Pond.

Contemplating at Jacobs Pond where clothing is optional.

These canisters make spectacular fireworks display at
 Su Casa Naturist Resort.

Merquarium - a new feature at Eden Naturist Resort, built by Isis. It is a beautiful underwater wonder. Get a free Mermaid/Merman AO and fins and tails while there.

Second life is so very beautiful and Susan captures its beauty in this fab video. 

Sunsets of Second Life from S. Paquot on Vimeo.

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