Saturday, May 3, 2014

Clothes-free at home

I like being nude at home. Home is where I feel most safe and comfortable, where I can let it all out, as they say, and be in MY element.  This blog post caught my eye the other day. It asks the question "What does a committed nudist do when he or she has visitors to their home?"

My first impulse is to dress when visitors or repair or other service workers are expected. Am I being courteous when I dress for visitors? I believe so. Am I being true to myself at those times? I'm not sure. Am I allowed to do what I please, in any way I please in my own home? Yes! But, so many people have misconceptions that nudity is an invitation to sex. I wouldn't want to give an unintended invitation to a stranger who had other ideas.

Should I place a sign like this at my front door? What about you, dear readers? How comfortable are you with being nude at home when others are expected?


  1. This would be fine until my Parents came over...

    1. Alex...NEWSFLASH!! your parents have already seen you naked...

  2. Yeah,it must be a dilemna for you .....but maybe you could compromise to spare your visitors blushes by remaining topless but maybe using a delicately placed fig leaf or something ........however for those other unwanted callers such as door to door salesmen I do not think its necessary :)

  3. Both good suggestions, Jiagu! I particularly like the topless idea.
    ....Now just where does one find fig leaves in cold climates? I'm thinking at the Botanic Gardens, and pray if I don't get caught taking leaves off one of the trees. :-) Thanks for reading my blog!