Friday, August 8, 2014

Hot 'n Steamy




I recently made a trip to a local spa for a steam bath. I had known about this place for years but had just never been there - till now. There is so much to enjoy at the spa: massages, exfoliating and rejuvenating salt scrubs, hot tubs, steam bath, sauna and even a little deli. Conveniently, there are separate hours for men, women and couples.

When it opened in the 1920s it was nude only, but is now clothing optional to welcome those who are uncomfortable being in the nude. The facility is a little dated, but it is clean, inexpensive, unpretentious, and oh so relaxing. My drive home was a struggle! Have you ever seen a noodle drive a car?

Just look at a few of the benefits of a steam bath or sauna:
Detoxes...sweating flushes toxins
Relaxation and relieves stress
Cleanses and improves appearance of your skin
Can induce a deeper sleep
Has cardiovascular benefits
Enhances the immune system
Weight Loss

I hope you enjoy a day at a spa real soon.

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