Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pubic Hair Is Back!

Ladies, ready to throw away your razor? Want to cancel your next bikini wax appointment? Are you ready to stop removing your pubic hair or leave it on? This article in talks about a returning trend. They call it a "full bush Brazilian".

This photo of girls in bathing suits recently caused some controversy. Australian Sticks and Stones online magazine had their account disabled by Instagram initially because of the photo below. Eventually Instagram reversed their policy and reinstated their account. Instagram realized the photo wasn't obscene after all.

more pubes.

My personal choice?? I became a victim of the trend as I've done a full Brazilian wax for almost two years.  But I hate getting waxed. IT HURTS LIKE HELL! Since I am prepaid for a year and I have 5 more paid waxing appointments remaining, I promise myself I will not ever wax again. After that last appointment, I'm done with waxing my pubes. I'm glad to see the pubic hair trend is returning. It's every woman's personal choice.

Never had a Brazilian? Or curious about how it's done? There are lots of videos on YouTube. Here is what to expect at a salon.

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