Saturday, May 10, 2014

Another Bucket List ... A literary one

I love reading.  And there are way too many books to read before I die.

My fiction reading tastes vary and go from one spectrum to the the other on the genre scale. I read mysteries and thrillers, SciFi, erotic fiction, romance, urban fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's fiction, literary ficton and have even read one or two Westerns. Here's a  literary bucket list that was sent to me by a colleague. It's more of a "challenge" list where one is challenged to read outside their comfort zone or read something different.

 Remember the PulpFicition Book group in NY I wrote about a couple of months ago? Go for it! Start your own topless group.

Then there is a list of books for naturists that I ran across. It is a  Naturist recommended reading list, mostly nonfiction and even some reviews are included at Homeclothesfree
Another list is from Goodreads, a large social networking site for readers and book recommendations - a list of Best Naturist Fiction

And lastly, here is a list which includes books perfect for beach reading that ignore the erotic/titllating aspects of nudity.

I heard about this new book today for those under 4. Naked by Michael Ian Black,
a child discovers that the only thing more fun than being naked is wearing nothing but a cape

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