Friday, March 28, 2014

DO IT! It's good for you!

There are a few good health reasons, psychological and physical, for going nude:
  1. Loads you up with Vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin.
  2. It's good for the brain
  3. Barefoot medicine - Going shoeless is recognized as an anti-Alzheimer’s, brain-boosting activity because the soles of your feet encourage neural activity.
  4. Prevents infections - tight clothing may cause internal health problems or harbor disease (yeast infections, ouch!). Especially tight clothing in the waist can cause digestive issues according to some doctors.
  5. Exposing your skin, all your skin, to oxygen can be healing. And let's face it, dear readers, sometimes our body parts just need some airing out. 
  6. "I'm too fat."  "I'm too skinny."  "I have scars."  "My butt is too big." ... or flat...and on and on!  Some studies show that nudists have higher body acceptance. However, for the shy, beginner nudist who may need help developing a more positive body image, try these exercises to learn to love your body. 
  7. Even babies need skin-to-skin time and naked time according to doctors
I've listed only a few benefits for going nude. Can you think of others I've missed?


  1. Nakedness is a sort of therapeutic massage for depression, low-self esteem and other mental problems. Lying naked helps to improve your blood flow, detoxifies your system, and thus provides you warmth and freedom.

  2. The Maryland Heart Association found that nudists are less apt to have high blood pressure problems than most people.