Monday, March 31, 2014

Nudist Misconceptions

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So many misconceptions...

Nudists ARE NOT perverts.
Nudity DOES NOT equal sex.
Nudism IS NOT porn.
Nudism IS NOT bad.
You ARE NOT a bad person for being nudist.


  1. So a naked couple walks into a bar..
    the bartender thinking this couple don't have all their marbles charges them $15 @ beer.. the couple sit on their towels at the bar pleasantly chatting with the bartender drinking their beers.. They go to leave and the guy pulls his AMEX out of his baseball cap hands it to the bartender.. signs the receipt leaving a good tip... As the couple start to leave, the bartender says, 'You know, we don't get many Nudists in here.' The guys replies, 'At $15 a beer, I'm not surprised.'

    1. ...and the misconception is....nudists are big spenders?