Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Word by word

I recently read Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary.  I love language. I love how authors put words together to create thoughts, emotions, ideas. Call me crazy, but I also love the meaning of words and where they come from. After reading this book, I looked up some phrases with the word "naked" for this blog.

*naked as a jaybird
*buck naked
*stark naked
*naked eye
*naked truth
*naked ape
*butt naked
*in all one's glory
*in the altogether
*in the pink
*with the naked eye

I know, dear readers, that you can think of others. What have I missed?

  • nakedhead
  • naked-armed
  • naked as a needle
  • naked as a robin
  • naked as a stone (also rock)
  • naked as a worm
  • naked as one's nail
  • naked as the day one was born
  • naked bat
  • naked-beard grass
  • naked bed
  • naked-bladed
  • naked boys
  • naked-breasted
  • naked-eyed medusa
  • naked fallow
  • naked fallowing
  • naked flame
  • naked flooring
  • naked-flowered
  • naked-flowering
  • naked-footed
  • naked force
  • naked forme
  • naked-handed
  • naked ladies
  • naked-legged
  • naked-limbed
  • naked-looking
  • naked mole-rat
  • naked-nerved
  • naked oat
  • naked-seeded
  • naked sight
  • naked-tail
  • naked-tailed


  1. Naked as the vulgar air.
    —William Shakespeare

  2. wearing only a smile
    .. and my favorite.. which is my Porn Star name: Buck Naked

  3. ....your Porn Star name.....WE have to talk....ttyl